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The eleventh Doulton goblet from Colin Mugridge (North Wales) . . . more

A 'D' number plate from Greg . . . more

A commemorative egg cup from Lesley
. . . more

An ALP backstamp from Leslie Pinder. Can any readers shed light on this?
. . . more

A tile with a gauge. Can any readers shed light on this?

Becky Knight may have solved this mystery . . . more

Can anyone identify this tableware?
. . . more

Doulton Key Rings from Mary Clingain
. . . more

Mandarin ware from the jazz age, sent by David Brown . . . more

A 1930s bowl from Rob.
Can anyone identify this? . . . more

An Alice in Wonderland saucer from Sophie Brooks . . . more

A Naval Tyg from Scott Iroume-Smith
. . . more

Arthur Leslie Mullock from Colin Andrew
. . . more

An Anemones plate by Edward Raby
from Clive Gould . . . more

Dr Scholls foot models from Kirk . . . more

A little known tile panel by Margaret E Thompson from Nick Hayes, London
. . . more

A Mysterious Doulton symbol from Karen Brooks . . . more

A rare Doulton shell from Chris Cotton
. . . more

A rare Tinworth mouse group from Logan Hunter . . . more

A 'Holbein' plaque from Mr PC (Australia) . . . more


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————  Editorial  ————

I have been interested to see in the press recently stories about the antiques trade bemoaning the fact that brown furniture prices are still in the doldrums and that the shortage of new houses, and therefore, fewer people relocating, has also caused a drop in interest in other items including ceramics. Over the last few years we have certainly seen a decline in the value of many Doulton collectibles although anything at the top of its range does seem to hold its value very well. We only have to look at some of the prices achieved by Bonhams at the Stephen Nunn sale in London last October to confirm this. However, the trend nowadays is towards minimalism and the preference for more decorative items seems to be one not held by many of the younger generation. And as we get older, the tendency is to downsize rather than add to our collections.

But the reverse of this particular coin is that whilst disposing of some of our earlier purchases (often, it must be acknowledged, at a loss), we can still add to our collections at a lower price than we were prepared to pay a few years ago.

A new year is always a time for reassessment and for making resolutions that, with luck, might hold for a few weeks before we return to our usual patterns of behaviour, and we at CD hope that 2016 will prove to be a happy, healthy and prosperous time for all our readers and that you will share with us any news of the interesting and unusual finds that you are sure to make.

Barry Hill

Royal Doulton
and other factories

Taken from an article by Miranda Goodby, senior curator of ceramics at the Potteries Museum, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent and Chris Latimer, Stoke-on-Trent city archivist.

The majority of the archive is Minton factory material, but there is also a significant amount that relates to Royal Doulton and the factories that became part of the Royal Doulton Group of Companies through various takeovers, mergers and amalgamations. The Doulton material includes account books from 1854, when the company was still based in Lambeth, London, as well as pattern books, shape books, sketch books and designs by Doulton artists including Hannah Barlow, Charles Noke and Barbara Vernon, creator of the Bunnykins range.

There are also more than 150 pattern books and associated material from many of the former leading bone-china and earthenware firms of 19th and 20th century Staffordshire, such as Booths of Tunstall, E. Hughes of Fenton, Goss of Stoke, Adderley, Colclough, TC Wild and Paragon - all of Longton.

Some of the records, such as those of the Shelley factory, have already been used by researchers and authors, while others have scarcely been consulted. In many instances these pattern books in the archive are the only surviving paper records from certain factories. The davenport works, which once occupied seven factories in Stoke-on-Trent and employed more than 1000 people before it closed in 1887, is represented by eight pattern books in the archive.

In addition to the Royal Doulton records, the acquisition of this part of the archive with almost 20 factories represented, will greatly help us to understand many of the factories which have now gone but were once household names across the world, wherever Staffordshire pottery was bought and enjoyed.

Doulton Lambeth
whisky flask

This rare Doulton Lambeth whisky flask with a silver hinged cap was sold comfortably above estimate for £1950 recently at BBR Auctions in Elsecar, South Yorkshire.

Standing 7.25in (18.5 cm) tall it carried the applied lettering 'Sutherland/Grant, Mackay & Co/ Old Highland Whisky' with elaborate raised decoration.

From The Antiques Trade Gazette 11th April 2015

From Wolley & Wallis
Recent Sale

The Nick Rocke Collection
of British Art Pottery

Better than estimated prices for some Doulton pieces on 25th February 2015
. . . more

Recently at Bamfords
3-6 March 2015

Some good Doulton pieces at large 4-day sale . . . more

From Woolley & Wallis recent auction

Excellent works by named artists: Noke, Nixon, Simmance, Arthur Barlow and others.

A Royal Doulton Flambe vase by Harry Nixon, HN monogram 16cm. high.
Estimate: £1,000 - 1,500 . . . more

Three Royal Doulton 'book' whisky flasks,
housed unusually in an oak book rack, (each flask 7.8cm x 12.7cm)
appeared recently at Capes Dunn

Richard Garbe d. 1957

Richard Garbe's peak output was typically art deco. As well as statues, he produced a variety of ivory carvings, wood, and figurines for reproduction in ceramics by Doulton . . . more

From Sworders recent auction

Two pairs of Doulton Lambeth stoneware cups and saucers by Hannah Barlow and vases by Florence Barlow, Edith Lupton and Frank Butler sold on 29 July 2014 . . . more

Down the drain

From sewer pipes to luxury bathrooms. A very brief history of Doulton Lambeth
. . . more

Auction Report
Potteries Auctions

On 2nd April 2016 a massive sale of the usual suspects - Character Jugs, Figurines and Bunnykins.
See sale catalogue

Michael Faraday

The famous 19th century British scientist and originator of the Royal Institute's Christmas Lectures appears as a limited edition from The Great Inventors Series (HN5196) in a large sale of mostly figurines at Potteries Auctions 9th January 2016.

Estimate £60 - £120.
Sold for £70.

Will the Royal Doulton Bulldog appear in 'Spectre'?

In the closing scene of Skyfall M had died and bequeathed the Royal Doulton Bulldog to James Bond - a way of saying 'carry on your good work'. Will we see the bulldog in the forthcoming Sam Mendes movie, Spectre? . . . more

Doulton's Tile Panels

This book published in 1904 helps our understanding of Doulton's tile panels at University College Hospital.

It confirms the identity of most of the panels and, in particular, that of Simple Simon met a Pie-man, which is totally obscured today by laboratory equipment but can be glimpsed on the early photograph of the children's ward in our article below.

Download Pictures in Pottery FREE



Large Doulton Lambeth tile panels,
many signed by Margaret E Thompson, are still in place at the former children's ward of University College Hospital London, despite the building's changing role.

See 26 of the panels here

Margaret E Thompson

2010 Article Newly Revised

Barry Hill has revised Jocelyn Lukins' 2010 article on this talented artist in the light of more information and the rediscovery of her tile panels at the former children's ward of University College Hospital London.

. . . more

Two new Collections:
Toby and Character Jugs

Go to Collections on the menu
or click on the images above.

The editor asks ...

We are frequently reminded of the vulnerability of Doulton works and memorabilia since the company's demise in this country.

CD&B will continue to record threats to Doulton's long and proud history - such as the Burslem archives, the Havant tiles and the Nile Street gates - but we are dependant on our readers to help us safeguard the memory of this great British institution.

If you are aware of any potential loss to Doulton's heritage please send us your observations and comments.




SAVED Havant hospital
Doulton tiles on display

THE SPRING ARTS & HERITAGE CENTRE are pleased to announce that there is now a changing display of the restored tiles . . . details & link

Collecting Doulton Kingsware Flasks

If Kingsware appeals to you this is an ideal collecting field. There are just enough different titles to attempt to make a complete collection in a lifetime
. . . more

Some Seriesware Finds

From Leah & Gerry Fiterstein of New York . . . more

From The Antiques Trade Gazette

This striking 8 in (20 cm) high experimental Royal Doulton flambé vase by Bernard Moore is valued at £3,000-4,000 in Nicholas Mellors' sale on February 25-26 in Newark and was sold for a hammer price of £5,000 plus commission.

It features a Viking longboat with gilt detail on an enamelled swirling blue green sea and is offered with a Bakelite stand.
See ... more images

Wooley & Wallis
Salisbury Sale Rooms

An unusual Royal Doulton Tower of London mantel clock (29.5cm high)
Estimate £500-£1,000
sold for £1,500

Some interesting Royal Doulton in a quality sale of Britisn Art Pottery
25th November 2015
saw moderate prices with some lots unsold . . . more

Bonhams, Knightsbridge

A large sale featuring
the collection of Stephen Nunn
took place on 7th October

George Tinworth for Doulton Lambeth, a Mouse Musician Group, circa 1885
sold for £1,375

. . . see more results

Potteries Auctions
26th September 2015

Amoung the many Bunykins, figurines and loving cups - most of which, we seem to have seen before in these pages - are fine prototype charcoal drawings by Peggy Davies and a rare advertising ware.

A Peggy Davies charcoal prototype drawing of the figure Matador and Bull,first produced by Royal Doulton in 1964, in wood frame, 72 x 59cm.

See estimates and sale prices . . . more

Comparative images of different Doulton wares with brief introductions.

COLLECTIONS will be expanded from time to time and other categories added.

If you would like to see other Doulton categories displayed, email our editor with your suggestions.

Titanian ware

Edward Raby, working 1892-1919

From Royal Doulton Collectors Club
of South Africa . . . more

The Barlows

In December 1866, Benjamin Barlow, a bank manager in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, died at the early age of 53, leaving his widow and nine children in straitened circumstances. . . . more

David Biggs 1936-2010

He did far too many jugs to mention but look through your collection and you'll find David's jugs stand out by their distinctive handles . . . more

Mark V Marshall

The outstanding work of Mark Marshall
. . . more

Mary Nicoll 1922-1974

Some of the most characterful figurines produced in the Doulton figurine range were designed by this artist . . . more

Arthur Ernest Pearce

by John Richmond

Arthur Ernest Pearce, my great grandfather, was an artist and designer who worked for Doulton for 55 years
. . . more

Harry Simeon 1896-1936

Harry Simeon became one of Doulton Lambeth's most versatile and talented artists who were responsible for many of their 20th century lines. . . . more

David Henry Souter

His drawings were soon influenced by the Art Nouveau style using strong solid areas and flowing lines . . . more

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