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It is with the deepest regret that we record the death of Jocelyn Lukins on March 15.

Jocelyn's knowledge of Doulton was unsurpassed and she was always ready to share her expertise through this website and its predecessor, 'Collecting Doulton' magazine of which she was part owner, and her many books.

Click here for appreciations of Jocelyn's life ...

As a tribute to Jocelyn Lukins we are reprinting her 2008 3-part article The Doultons at Lambeth . . . more

A rare 'Kingsware' teapot from Mr.LY
. . . more

A Vera Huggins vase from Mr.CB
. . . more

A Lambeth jug from Ms SJ . . . more

A nice 'seriesware' jardinière from Mr GE (Teddington) . . . more

1920s tableware from Ms HH . . . more

A 1950s plate from Mr HS
. . . more

A 'Gnome' match holder from Ms JJ
. . . more

Monks in the Cellar from Mr CR
. . . more

A Dickens Bumble backstamp from
Mr T.C. (Maricopa, Arizona, USA)
. . . more

A 'Holbein' plaque from Mr PC (Australia) . . . more


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From Bonhams recent auction

William Rowe for Doulton Lambeth. Detail of an Impressive Tile Panel Depicting Sailing Ships at Full Mast, circa 1910. Sold for £7,500 inc. premium . . . more

Collecting Doulton is introducing a new menu feature called COLLECTIONS.

This aims to bring together comparative images of different Doulton wares, artists and other categories, under brief introductions.

COLLECTIONS will be expanded from time to time and other categories added.

If you would like to see other Doulton categories displayed, email our editor with your suggestions.

Burslem Blue or 'Blue Children'
Detail of an oval Plaque signed P. Jones. Doulton Burslem 1890s.

Some Seriesware Finds

From Leah & Gerry Fiterstein of New York . . . more

From PSA's recent auction

A rare Royal Doulton Prototype Intermediate Character Jug of Clint Eastwood, designed in 2005 as part of the celebrity film star collection but not put into production. Hammer price: £2700.00 . . . more

Down the drain

From sewer pipes to luxury bathrooms. A very brief history of Doulton Lambeth
. . . more

As the tourist season gets underway it's a good time to reflect on Doulton's contribution to three famous London stores.

Harrods of Knightsbridge

Although the architectural style was probably very imposing in the early 1900s it is the hidden gems in the interior that Doulton enthusiasts find as fresh and delightful as the day they were put there in 1902 . . . more

Selfridges of Oxford Street

The Queen of Time, is by Gilbert Bayes who worked closely with Doulton Lambeth's Architectural Department since the early 1920s . . . more

Liberty of Regent Street

This firm always commissioned exclusive pieces for their store so the Doulton mark 'Made for Liberty' on the base designates a rare item . . . more

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Perfection is a condition to which we all strive but which few attain. It is only natural, therefore, that when spending our hard-earned cash on a new item for our collections, we insist that it is in mint condition, pristine and unrestored. This may be a reasonable requirement when purchasing the more common items where, over the last few years, prices have tended to fall, but may be an unreasonable demand when pursuing the rarer pieces which are still in demand and whose prices seem to have held up reasonably well.

I can understand that collectors want all their pieces to be perfect, but I wonder whether it is a good idea to pass on a rare object which may be slightly damaged or restored in the hope that a perfect example will surface in the not too distant future. For myself, I would rather buy a less than perfect item for my collection, especially if it filled a gap, wait (maybe years) for a perfect example to come along, and then sell the original piece which, hopefully, would recoup on its original cost and, who knows, maybe also show a profit.

Barry Hill

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The editor asks ...

We are frequently reminded of the vulnerability of Doulton works and memorabilia since the company's demise in this country.

CD&B will continue to record threats to Doulton's long and proud history - such as the Burslem archives, the Havant tiles and the Nile Street gates - but we are dependant on our readers to help us safeguard the memory of this great British institution.

If you are aware of any potential loss to Doulton's heritage please send us your observations and comments.




Newcastle tile SAVED!

From the Royal Doulton Collectors Club of South Africa . . . more


Reflections: Doulton figurines
as a mirror of their times

by Jocelyn Lukins & Christopher Evans
. . . See inside & review

by Jocelyn Lukins

Reflections: Doulton figurines as a mirror of their times £12
Doulton for the Collector £10
Collecting Doulton Kingsware £8
Collecting Royal
Doulton Character & Toby Jugs
Collecting Doulton Animals £8
Doulton Lambeth
Advertising Wares
Doulton Flambè £1
Posting & packing  
Hardbacks £1
Paperbacks 50p

Available from The editor

Collecting Doulton Kingsware Flasks

If Kingsware appeals to you this is an ideal collecting field. There are just enough different titles to attempt to make a complete collection in a lifetime
. . . more

SAVED Havant hospital
Doulton tiles on display

THE SPRING ARTS & HERITAGE CENTRE are pleased to announce that there is now a changing display of the restored tiles . . . details & link

The Barlows

In December 1866, Benjamin Barlow, a bank manager in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, died at the early age of 53, leaving his widow and nine children in straitened circumstances. . . . more

David Biggs 1936-2010

He did far too many jugs to mention but look through your collection and you'll find David's jugs stand out by their distinctive handles . . . more

Mark V Marshall

The outstanding work of Mark Marshall
. . . more

Mary Nicoll 1922-1974

Some of the most characterful figurines produced in the Doulton figurine range were designed by this artist . . . more

Arthur Ernest Pearce

by John Richmond

Arthur Ernest Pearce, my great grandfather, was an artist and designer who worked for Doulton for 55 years
. . . more

Harry Simeon 1896-1936

Harry Simeon became one of Doulton Lambeth's most versatile and talented artists who were responsible for many of their 20th century lines. . . . more

David Henry Souter

His drawings were soon influenced by the Art Nouveau style using strong solid areas and flowing lines . . . more

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