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Your editor recently aquired a stereoscopic photograph of one of Doulton's stands at the American Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia . . . more

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A Chiné ware vase from Michelle Hillier, Perth, Australia . . . more

A rare Doulton shell from Chris Cotton
. . . more

An Anemones plate by Edward Raby
from Clive Gould . . . more

Carol HN2961 from Andrea Baillie
. . . more

An 'Australian Views A' from Glen Brew (Tasmania) . . . more

A Puzzle Jug from Glenn Foster
. . . more

A rare Tinworth mouse group from Logan Hunter . . . more

A rare 'Kingsware' teapot from Mr.LY
. . . more

A nice 'seriesware' jardinière from Mr GE (Teddington) . . . more

A 'Holbein' plaque from Mr PC (Australia) . . . more


Email your queries to:
Collecting Doulton

Regeneration of Burslem

Recent articles in the Stoke Sentinel document the destruction of Doulton's heritage in the once famed pottery town of Burslem. But does anyone in Burselm read these articles?
. . . more

Comparative images of different Doulton wares with brief introductions.

COLLECTIONS will be expanded from time to time and other categories added.

If you would like to see other Doulton categories displayed, email our editor with your suggestions.

Tinworth's mice
A pale blue mouse
sitting on a sticky bun.

From Hansons recent auction

A cute Doulton Flambé monkey group sold for £65 . . . more

From Wolley & Wallis recent auction

Excellent Elisa Simmance vases and some unusual pieces.

A Doulton stoneware vase probably designed by Harry Barnard with animal medallions, including owl, cat, dog and lion, unmarked 16cm. high. Hammer Price £ 170 . . . more

Some Seriesware Finds

From Leah & Gerry Fiterstein of New York . . . more

Down the drain

From sewer pipes to luxury bathrooms. A very brief history of Doulton Lambeth
. . . more

As the tourist season gets underway it's a good time to reflect on Doulton's contribution to three famous London stores.

Harrods of Knightsbridge

Although the architectural style was probably very imposing in the early 1900s it is the hidden gems in the interior that Doulton enthusiasts find as fresh and delightful as the day they were put there in 1902 . . . more

Selfridges of Oxford Street

The Queen of Time, is by Gilbert Bayes who worked closely with Doulton Lambeth's Architectural Department since the early 1920s . . . more

Liberty of Regent Street

This firm always commissioned exclusive pieces for their store so the Doulton mark 'Made for Liberty' on the base designates a rare item . . . more

July - August edition

CD is updated throughout this period. Please visit us again soon.

————  Editorial  ————

I have often been struck by the variation of approach to collecting to be found even amongst those who collect in a fairly narrowly defined category. Although Doulton provides many avenues, having produced what is probably the widest range of ceramics of any manufacturer, even within a small selection of their output, collecting criteria can be set in an almost infinite variety of ways.

Some may wish to acquire as many examples as possible by the hand of a particular artist or be interested only in ashtrays, tobacco jars or teapots, amassing as many different examples as possible. Seriesware collectors have a vast number of choices to make, whether to try to find as many different scenes as possible on the same shape, or as many shapes as possible with different scenes in a particular series. Again, some collectors look only for one particular shape in as many series as they can find.

Fashions change, too, and what is popular today may not be so avidly sought after tomorrow. Whatever your own collecting aims may be, we hope that you get as much fun and enjoyment from searching out additions for your display cabinets, and we hope, too, that we can add to your enjoyment by answering your questions and responding to any requests for articles on your particular interests that we may not yet have covered. You only have to ask and we will be delighted to respond to the very best of our ability.

Barry Hill

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The editor asks ...

We are frequently reminded of the vulnerability of Doulton works and memorabilia since the company's demise in this country.

CD&B will continue to record threats to Doulton's long and proud history - such as the Burslem archives, the Havant tiles and the Nile Street gates - but we are dependant on our readers to help us safeguard the memory of this great British institution.

If you are aware of any potential loss to Doulton's heritage please send us your observations and comments.




SAVED Havant hospital
Doulton tiles on display

THE SPRING ARTS & HERITAGE CENTRE are pleased to announce that there is now a changing display of the restored tiles . . . details & link

As a tribute to the late Jocelyn Lukins we are reprinting her 2008 3-part article The Doultons at Lambeth . . . more

From PSA recent auction

Royal Doulton Flambé Dragon HN3552, a collectors club exclusive, went for the hammer price of £150.00
. . . more

Collecting Doulton Kingsware Flasks

If Kingsware appeals to you this is an ideal collecting field. There are just enough different titles to attempt to make a complete collection in a lifetime
. . . more


From Canterbury Auction Galleries recent auction

Some Blue Children and other interesting pieces went for modest prices on 5/6 August 2014 . . . more

From Bellmans Auctioneers

A near complete collection of Royal Doulton loving cups and jugs came under the hammer on 6th August . . . more

From Sworders recent auction

Two pairs of Doulton Lambeth stoneware cups and saucers by Hannah Barlow and vases by Florence Barlow, Edith Lupton and Frank Butler sold on 29 July 2014 . . . more

The Barlows

In December 1866, Benjamin Barlow, a bank manager in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, died at the early age of 53, leaving his widow and nine children in straitened circumstances. . . . more

David Biggs 1936-2010

He did far too many jugs to mention but look through your collection and you'll find David's jugs stand out by their distinctive handles . . . more

Mark V Marshall

The outstanding work of Mark Marshall
. . . more

Mary Nicoll 1922-1974

Some of the most characterful figurines produced in the Doulton figurine range were designed by this artist . . . more

Arthur Ernest Pearce

by John Richmond

Arthur Ernest Pearce, my great grandfather, was an artist and designer who worked for Doulton for 55 years
. . . more

Harry Simeon 1896-1936

Harry Simeon became one of Doulton Lambeth's most versatile and talented artists who were responsible for many of their 20th century lines. . . . more

David Henry Souter

His drawings were soon influenced by the Art Nouveau style using strong solid areas and flowing lines . . . more

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